City Are Like School In The Summer

Adebayor casually walks away after stomping RvP’s face.

When I saw that cunt score the third goal yesterday, I felt physically ill. His entire performance yesterday was so classless it should remind us all why he doesn’t belong at Arsenal. He kicked off the week with an interview where he insulted us Arsenal supporters and American and Jamaican supporters in general. Then he goes on to stomp Fabregas’s ankle, nastily kick Alex Song, then he disgracefully stomped on van Persie’s face. HIS FACE, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!

Class.And none of these incidents even takes into account his most cuntish and unoriginal goal celebration. But that could have been expected. Adebayor always lived in the shadow of Thierry Henry, even after he left. Adebayor, no matter what he did, was never going to be another Henry. And that was okay with Arsenal supporters, but it wasn’t with Adebayor. He wanted to be loved like Henry, but without putting in any of the work or showing any of the heart, commitment, and dedication even occasionally that Henry did on a daily basis. Adebayor has always wanted things without working for them. It may be rosy right now in City but it will go wrong for him… it always does. It happened at Metz, it happened at Arsenal, and it will happen at City. And when it does, I will enjoy it greatly.

On this Sunday from hell I can only ask for two things… One is that there is an FA probe into his despicable behavior on the pitch on Saturday as Robin van Persie has come out and said:

He set out to hurt me today. I knew he was aiming for a collision because he changed the angle of his body to allow contact to be made.  He moved backwards when his natural momentum would have taken him forward. I find that deeply disrespectful. He has shown a real lack of class today, to me and the fans.

It is a blatant kick at van Persie, as seen in the videos on Gunnerblog. But how can we be surprised that he would try to hurt a former teammate when he had previously attacked a current teammate on the pitch? Adebayor is just a disgusting human being and both he and Mark Clattenburg deserve to be reprimanded for their respective performances yesterday.

Second, I ask that my fellow Arsenal supporters not drop their head and let ridiculously hyperbolic paper reports like the one in the Telegraph, who started it all with the interview, that reads:

A goal by Emmanuel Adebayor was an emphatic rebuttal of the Wenger philosophy. City are buying success, Arsenal selling it. […] This was billed as the first serious test of City’s championship credentials. It turned out to be a verdict on Arsenal’s.

Of course, four wins do not make success and one goal by a dirty, classless player is hardly “success.” It is also hardly an “emphatic rebuttal of the Wenger philosophy,” as the man has won more trophies in one week than Adebayor has in a lifetime. And, above all, this is NOT a “verdict” on Arsenal’s title chances.

With the increased pressure from below from wannabes like City and Spurs and Villa, the big 4 will drop more points than ever and our two losses absolutely DO NOT mean that our title chance is over.

Please don’t fall into the trap of melodramatic overexaggeration. No one’s title chances are over after four games. And we all know that Adebayor will not keep scoring and I await his reaction to the first time City fans boo him. He’s gotten lucky that he’s come out on a good run of form for them because if he had come out with his customary 7 or 8 match scoreless run then he wouldn’t be talking all this crap about being loved or talking shit about Arsenal supporters.

I’d rather lose with dignity than win with a classless cunt behaving like that. But now we must put this weekend behind us because, unlike City, we have a Champions League match to prepare for.