Our International Goals and Other Videos

Because of the absolute boringness of this interlull in particular, Arsenal Station is treating our readers to a gaggle of videos today. Above is an old documentary about the closing of Highbury, The Highbury Years (not the official DVD), and below you will find Cesc and Senderos’s international goals this week as well as the highlights from the Blackburn match’s Fanzone. Enjoy!

Cesc’s goal vs. Armenia


Sendero’s 2 goals (yes, 2 goals) vs. Luxembourg


Sky Sports’ Fanzone Highlights for the Blackburn match


5 Responses

  1. Good add, VDMP!

  2. Watching the Highbury film, it made me tear up near the end. It just made me feel so good. All the different stories that got told during the video, from the loud supporter to the blind couple. It just shows how football can unite anyone and everyone to come together for one event.

    thanks for putting this up,

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