Arsenal Rely Too Much on Samir Nasri

Obviously the title is a swipe at those “pundits” whose favorite criticism of Arsenal for the past two or three months was that Arsenal relied too much on Cesc Fabregas. As if it’s a bad thing to have Fabregas playing the best football of his career. I said it a hundred times in the last few months but, in no way, do Arsenal rely on Fabregas in the way that United over-rely on Wayne Rooney, especially considering that the club’s second leading goalscorer behind Rooney is the other team… own goals!! That is pathetic. Even Chelsea look just better than average when Drogba isn’t on top-form, as witnessed over the last 4-6 weeks.

Arsenal showed up to play last night and they hit the bricks running, playing some of the quickest and deftest football of the season in the first half. And all without Fabregas. Samir Nasri gave a glimpse of what Arsenal’s post-Fabregas-era might look like. He took control of the Burnley match after the skipper went off and picked right up where he left off. His hold-up play, distribution, vision, and sheer industry was just magnificent. The goal itself was beyond magnificent. It was absolutely stunning. It really says something about the depth of this side that despite a number of significant injuries they continue to not only win but win in their usual style.

Nicklas Bendtner shrugged off the criticism of a few days ago from nearly all corners to give Arsenal a 2-nil lead within the first half-hour. Like I said after the weekend, Bendtner had just had “one of those days” against Burnley and the most encouraging thing about his performance was how he didn’t let either his performance at the weekend or the criticism of it affect his self-confidence. That is a sign of a growing maturity on Bendtner’s part. He has been criticized for his cockiness, but that is exactly what allowed him to step back on the pitch only 3 days after the events against Burnley and score a hat-trick in the most important European match of the season so far.

This Arsenal side continues to go from strength to strength. The freak events of the first leg were responded to with an emphatic performance to overcome a first-leg deficit in Europe for the first time since 1978. Belief and confidence continues to grow throughout the side and their is a commitment and togetherness that we haven’t seen in a while, certainly not at all last season. We are through to the Quarterfinals of the Champions League and four straight wins find us 2 points off the top of the Premier League. We are still very much alive in both competitions and no one questions whether or not this Arsenal side have the desire and the talent. Now we have the opportunity to finally turn it into silverware.


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  1. we are relying too much on fabregas
    we are relying too much on Van persie
    Now we are relying too much on Nasri
    We won as a team so stop moaning and enjoy our football

    • Give me a break. There’s always a couple of these when I use these ironic titles that mock pundits’ criticism of the club.

    • Seriously Andrew? Do you just post comments without reading the article? AS, some people are just never going to understand irony/sarcasm.

    • Hahahah Andrew is getting mocked and so he should! Great post and love reading articles from real fans who love the arsenal

    • agree totally… i can only see ‘potential champions’ in the making, with different players peaking at different periods. arshavin, walcott, bendtner, nasri each stepped up when the team needed inspiration (and ramsey too when cesc was out in the early stages) that’s exactly what happened in 2002 when pires picked up that season-ending injury at newcastle, red-haired freddie took over and played a key role till the end of the double season. the only difference this year is that we never ‘over-rely’ on any single player. arsenal are winning because of the collective effort of the whole team…

      bring on the remaining games… go gunners…

  2. Let’s keep going!They ain’t seen nothing yet!

  3. did the guy that posted the comment above not read the article? haha.. although it was a good performance i do feel our defense gave me a heart attack every once in a while. we can’t play like that all the time and get away with it if we’re planning on winning silverware.

    • Of course he didn’t, shaz. LOL!! I understand your concerns about the defense but I think that with being forced to play Sol, we will just have to deal with it until Gallas gets back. At times, Sol looks too slow but so far he has been able to use his experience to compensate. Though that won’t be as possible in the latter stages of the Champions League.

  4. Andrew, did you bother to read the article, or just stop at the (deliberately ironic) headline?

  5. Come on – its not a slow news day ???
    We carry Nasri not rely on him…. As Andrew said, who ever gets MOTM he becomes the key figure.

    We won without Gallas, RVP and Fabregas – lets look ahead rather than tearing the team up, leave that to the press.

  6. hmmm Prob he didnt read it or his reading skills aint the best loool

  7. hahaha Andrew!

  8. What gets me is the fact that there is conclusive evidence that we can cope without Fabregas, as last season we got ourselves ino 4th spot from Jan – April without him. This was only a year ago and so called experts completley ignore evidence in favour of sensationlist soundbites. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There most certainly is. And you are exactly right about last season. The majority of that 21-match unbeaten run was done without Cesc. When I hear pundits say we rely too much on Fabregas I just wonder what team they’re watching. We don’t even come close to relying on Cesc like United rely on Rooney. Without Rooney, they are a slightly better than mediocre side that can barely get a result against Wolves.

  9. I almost didn’t read this having seen the headline, but glad I did!

    Nasri has really stepped up the last few weeks, and the way he dominated the first half last night was exceptional. Fantastic goal to top it off too.

    The team really look like they have started to believe…

    • Regular readers know that I consistently criticize the media and take them to task for their anti-Arsenal bias and so I occasionally use headlines like this to show the ridiculousness of the pundits’ criticisms of the club. Thanks for reading and commenting, OC.

  10. Andrew,

    read the article you div, it’s a swipe at our critics not our players!

    fantastic game last night, i won money on a bendtner hat-trick!!! yay

  11. I thought Sol was a bit Sloppy at some stages last night … but he was really imprtant as he kept shouting arrond with his team mates reminding them 2 stay calm and solid…some thing that W.Gallas Never actully done before As he allways concetrate on his Own performance.
    anyways I’m just so Proud 2 be an ARSENAL fan..

  12. Andy-Pandy….doh!


  14. I can swear in God’s name.Samir didnot mean to score that goal ! I know he is not that kind of a lad.Sure he didnot mean to trouble the porto players.He only gave his 100%.What a HORONDOUS goal! Haha haha hahaaaa.shame on arsenal haters.Get well soon

  15. well i slept like a new born baby yesterday. im very much happy and im proud of Arsenal. Gunner4life?

  16. Dominic New Borns Barely sleep!!!

    Nasri TOP CLASS but lets not forget the rest of the team all played as a unit! Sol did a few little mistakes but dont forget he is carrying a little groin injury

    WELL lets just move on to the next game!

    • Very true, E-ON. I dare say that we played some of the best football of the season since September in that first half and that was without Cesc and van Persie who were the two most important players in that period of domination at the beginning of the season. It just goes to show what I’ve been saying since before the season started… Arsenal are the deepest team in the league. Hands down!

  17. Haha Some angry kids i.e. Andrew and Taboose just come on these blogs to rant and get their frustrations at life out don’t they??
    It was almost like it was set in stone yesterday for Nikki to get a hat-trick bless him!! And that’s the type of game i’ve been expecting from Nasri for a while now so that was no surprise!! I think Arshavin needs to take some of these teams seriously now cos he was amazingly casual and almost didn’t break a sweat.. That’s not to say he didn’t play well.. it was just too easy for him at times. And full marks to Eboue for his shear determination for the fourth goal!! He was inside our box when Arshavin got the ball and he ran the full length of the pitch just to get the goal!!
    Boy it feels good to be a Gooner!!!!!!!!! Bring on the anti-footballers from Hull Shitty!!!!

    • I totally agree about Arshavin, John. At times, he looked even more casual than he usually does and it resulted in a number of mis-weighted passes. Though I tried to keep in mind that he is just back from injury, then again, it seems like you could say that about almost the entire side.

  18. i have to disagree with the aticle because as Andrew and taboose said get behind the team u haters are u totten…. sorry i was going to leave a comment along those lines until i read the first line and figured you were fishing for clicks lol looks like it worked ok article aswell

    • How can you disagree with an “aticle” you haven’t even bothered to read? And, by the way, it’s called “ironic media criticism,” not “fishing for clicks.” The fact that you would click on that title expecting to see an article making that point only further validates my criticism of the media’s treatment of Arsenal. If I was seeking hits, I would just write a bunch of anti-Wenger articles or make-up ridiculous transfer rumours.

      • wtf r u stoopid i was having a larf at andrew and the other twat but u obviously didnt get it u fool

      • and of course the title is going to make me read the article weither through intrest or because in this case i was going to slag off the writer and you are too quick to presume i didnt read it as i did i was joking, and to say its ironic media critisism, well maybe but i bet a lot of people out there clicked and like me then read the article and found that the headline was misleading, i think it could b… oh whats the point basically u r a hypocrite

        • Sorry about that dave. I was reading the comments on my phone on the go and must have misread yours. On the other hand, did you really expect to see an article claiming that we rely too much on a player who has only just had two excellent matches in a row? If you did, it proves my point about the ridiculousness of the media that you would expect it. Like a commenter said below, I didn’t intend anyone to actually think the article claimed that about Nasri. I didn’t think anyone WOULD. See Zack’s comment below for exactly the response I expected to the title.

        • Most of the people on here click on it because we are loyal readers and enjoy the writing on this site!

          • Believe me when I say that I am very grateful and appreciative of all my readers, especially regulars like you jonathan. And it makes me feel really good to know that people enjoy and appreciate the time and effort I put into the blog. Cheers to all of you!!!

  19. well i think we rely 2 much on eboue lol

  20. I almost did an Andrew,lol!
    I knw how you feel Andrew,we’ve seen too many headlines like this before mate.

    Gooners for life.

    • So from now on, commenting without reading will be known as “doing an Andrew.”

      • Ha ha ha! I like that a lot! It is like that show “Three Sheets” with Zane Lamprey. Whenever someone spills beer down their chin he calls it “Jim the cop’d”

  21. I cannot believe i am reading such dribble can you tell me who will be our key man next week how about Almunia or Maybe Eboue please !!! if your brain iactually works try enjoying whats happening rather than having a childish snipe !!!!!

    • You obviously aren’t reading it, Buzz3210. Idiot #4 that likes to comment on articles he hasn’t even read. You couldn’t even be bothered to read the first comment which would’ve revealed someone getting flamed for having done exactly what you have done.

      Do me a favor… if you can’t be bothered to read my article, don’t bother to comment.

  22. I wonder how many ppl just see a headline and then make up the article in their head, and then get offended by their simulation.

  23. […] Arsenal Rely Too Much on Samir Nasri Obviously the title is a swipe at those “pundits” whose favorite criticism of Arsenal for the past two or […] […]

  24. Do me a favour, i can’t believe you would write an article like this! You’re obviously not a true gooner or you wouldn’t write such tosh……. obviously haven’t been watching the arsenal this season or you would have seen that we aren’t reliant on any one player unlike the mancs of united or chavski with Rooney & the drogba respectively!!!

    Try actually watching a few games this season before writting your next article!!!!

    • Why don’t you try reading even the first line of the article or even the first comment before you comment on it. Idiot #5 that is either too lazy to read or too stupid to recognize irony.

      How can you write, “I can’t believe you would write an article like this!” when you haven’t even read the article? Why don’t you do ME a favor and actually read before commenting.

  25. Idiot

  26. First of all Andrew this is a great article so get your head out of you’re arse and read it properly next time. Same goes for the other 5 twats who thought this was a dig at the team. MUPPETS!

    Secondly, the great thing about this Arsenal team now is the overall self belief that is developing and making them realise they don’t have to rely on any one player any more. Tomas Rosicky also deserves a special mention for the way he has come back from injury and doing the business.

    My third and final point about pundits is who gives a shit about anything they say now. The more we win the more stupid they sound. Ex-pro has beens or failed managers always talk a good game but in reality ain’t got a clue just like their media muppet masters who love to knock the Arsenal.

    (PS. Did we not lose to Inter Milan 0-3 in the 1st leg of the CL and then thrashed them 1-5 in the return at their place in the 2003/4 season I believe.)

  27. I’m surprised that an apparent gooner can jump on the media bandwagaon and actually believe we rely too much on nasri. We have had so much negative press recently the last thing we need is for it to come from our own. I’m disgusted by the title of this article, just disgusted….just kidding

  28. Mike,

    I was just about to give you the tittle if idiot #6! phew that was close……

    There are muppets every where “doing an Andrew”

  29. If=of

  30. And we thought gooners were the intelligent fans. Doesn’t look like it after reading some of the comments. Read the article people. Firstly why would an Arsenal blog target Arsenal. Secondly, even the most ridiculous writers wouldn’t say that we rely on Nasri after 2 good games.

    Good article Arsenal Station (sorry don’t know your name). I think the comments actually help in establishing your point that the media target Arsenal. As a result fans have become so paranoid that they feel the need to be defensive from the get go, without even reading the article.

  31. I believe Arshavin will get better for us, he had been carrying the foot injury since the Blackburn game, he was involved in three of the goals on Tuesday, his vision is second to none, Nasri is enjoying his football, all the Arsenal players are. Alumina is the main worry, his kicking on Tuesday was woeful and he isn’t good enough. Clichy had a great game, Sagna was hit and miss. Campbell is the experience we need and ‘I’d love it’ if we did a double this year so we can sing ‘Double,Double’ to the yids. if Spurs beat Fulham then our date with them will be postponed……imagine if we had to replay the game with two games to go….and we did it again at No Heart Lane…. three times I would be drunk for a week

  32. We will win the Premier League and Champions League this time around.The recent wins should not make the team get carried away;we need to be patient,concentrate on the remaining fixtures and we will have the last laugh because weeks back we were written off completely.

  33. the scum media and so called football ‘experts’ have been doing this all season so to win the league and CL would be fantastic and to see all those wankers eating loads of humble pie would be lovely and I’d be drunk for another week…it’s possible I could have a drink problem by the end of the season and Sol should go to the world cup

  34. Hahaha I absolutely loved the article but I must say I might have loved reading every single comment. Just reading through and seeing comments about how great the team is doing then run into those fools who get all uptight about the title. Ha I saw the link to the article, which is the name of the title, and laughed, because before I even got to the article I knew it was sarcasm with the whole Fabregas deal. Great piece ArsenalStation.

  35. hahaha this has turned out to be one of the most controversial articles i’ve read!! it’s comical that there are 5/6 idiots that have actually risked popping an artery with an escalated blood pressure over just the title of it!! It’s borderline.. scratch that completely sorrowful!!! I guess not too many people paid attention in year 7 English Grammar lesson “Irony and Sarcasm”!!!

  36. I hate to say this but I am actually starting to like Bendtner a little more and more all the time. I have not been a big fan of him for a while, but for some reason the guy is growing on me.

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