Anyone Else Want To Bitch-Slap Carlos Puyol?

First off, I apologize for the lack of pictures today but I refuse to grace my blog with pictures of scum. On to the business… I had hoped to get the whole Cesc story out of me the other day, but a new slew of utterly inane comments from Cesc’s self-appointed spokesman, Carlos Puyol, have got me uncharacteristically wound up all over again. Here they are:

After seven years of great service, I thought Arsenal could have granted him his dream move. He is having to stay at a club where he no longer wants to be. Cesc has given everything to Arsenal to try to win a trophy but they haven’t matched his expectations. I won’t say he is in a prison, as we know how privileged we are as football players. But after how clear Cesc made it that he wanted to be in Barcelona, I thought they would have granted him that.

Where to begin? Apparently, Puyol thinks Arsenal should repay Fabregas for simply playing for us by allowing him to move. As if merely being graced by his presence was a gift to the club. When Barcelona didn’t think Cesc would be a top-class player seven years ago, they put up no fight to keep him when Arsenal made him an offer. Only afterwards, when they have realized their mistake, do they want him back. Is it me or is it a bit like the father who leaves his young family only to show up on his son’s doorstep after he’s become a movie star millionaire?

“After how clear Cesc made it that he wanted to be in Barcelona?” Puyol must be reading his own quotes because I haven’t seen one quote from Cesc saying that. The only ones making it “clear” are Puyol and his teammates during a media campaign that has become nothing short of embarrassing. If Barcelona were such a great club, why would they feel the need to resort to these kinds of tactics?

“Cesc has given everything to Arsenal.” True, but Arsenal has given Cesc even more than one player can give to a club. Arsene not only gave him a chance at 16 years of age in the first team, but he let him step in for the club’s captain and leader. He then went on to build the entire team around Cesc. And, let’s be honest, Cesc is just as much to blame as anyone else for our failed title bids in 2007/08 and 2009/10. His performances fell off just like the rest of the team.

If anything, Cesc owes Arsenal far more than Arsenal owes him. At the very least, Cesc owes it to the club to see that we get what we deserve in terms of financial compensation for the time, effort, faith, and confidence the club and supporters have shown him. All four things which Barcelona didn’t show him when they had the chance.

No football player is fully-formed at 16 years old. ARSENAL made Cesc into the player he is today and now they want him back for half of what he is worth. Barca let Cesc walk away. He was not poached or stolen. They could’ve told him that they would offer him a professional contract and a place in the first-team when he would turn 17. Had they guaranteed him that, he likely would not have left in the first place. But they didn’t have faith in him.

No matter what Puyol thinks, Barca have no unalterable right to Cesc Fabregas. If it came down to it, I’d rather offer him to Madrid for £40m than sell him to Barca for £60m. The problem is not that Arsenal don’t want to let him go, Carlos. The problem is you’re as skint as your average Scouser. It’s not that Arsenal don’t want to sell, it’s that Barcelona can’t afford to buy after having bought 7 trophies with loans. Why sell a player to a team who hasn’t even finished paying for previous transfers and is up to their ears in debt? That’s just dumb business.

Arsenal, quite rightly, are simply not going to sell their most prized asset for 1/2 of his value because cunts like Puyol and Iniesta keep talking to the press. If anything, Puyol should realize that he is only making matters much worse for Cesc and his club. The level of conceit, entitlement, and downright egotism emanating from that cuntbox of a stadium is astounding.

The headline of the piece in the Mail is “You’ll pay for keeping Cesc Fabregas!” No, Carlos, YOU and all the cunts at Barca will pay.” It’s easy. Either come up with £60m or fuck off.

55 Responses

  1. Excellent read, glad you did not hold back. I actually think Barca are more skint than all scousers.

    I wonder how many people would love to see Puyol walking the streets of Barcelona and giving him a good old slap! He obviously forgets the number of English holiday makers that go to Barca for the summer.

    “Stand up if you hate Barca” should be sung all day tomorrow and Sunday

  2. Hi Arsenal Station – I am pleased to see you are as frustrated as I was with this story on my blog. You can read the post here –

    I have linked back from my own comments back to your article. 🙂

  3. Properly said these dumb b*****ds dont have any job . Just wanna take our priced asset for them to warm their benches

  4. Here fucking here…. i’m thinking of phoning a Taliban leader and telling them the Barca President called Mohammed a cunt and said the real Mecca is the Camp Nou…

    As for Puyol himself… arrogant horse head, thick as shit turd featured mong… needs to crawl back to his cave. The fact that he thinks that just because Cesc wants to go to Barca we should just roll over to any pathetic valuation those shit stains can afford goes to show how arrogant these monkey pricks really are.

    Rant over… i’ll get my coat

  5. Short answer – Yes, he deserves a good slapping.

    Are you still surprised at anything that comes out of the mouths of anyone associated with Barcelona?

    • Its a shame that a decent lad like our captain should be caught up in this, however, we must not give in this time to Bacelona.
      i am astounded by the disrespect they have shown us and the way their players have been incited to do their dirty work.
      Bacca should pay up or shut up.
      Sorry Captain, if Bacca values you then they will at least pay the market value for you, not try to get you on the cheap after we have natured you.
      Will somebody help me say NO, NO and NO again to Bacca, we will not be bullied and insulted like this. what goes round will surely come round.

  6. by scouser i assume you mean liverpool and everton fc and not the average fan?i am now sick of the speculation and total crap surrounding the whole cesc saga,barcalona have no money for big transfers or anything else ,they are off loading as many players as they can to lower the wage the players try to engineer a move for cesc with a stream of anti arsenal shite therefore cesc will play badly mind not on the job and a cut price transfer follows?well stuff barcalona make em wait and make em pay…baracalona no class no style no money.come on you reds

  7. I would love to bitch-slap caveman Puyol, but then i don’t want snot on my hands. Arghrr

    • It’s not the snot you need to worry about…. it’s the shit you’ll be coated in if he starts talking

    • Puyol is just an ugly, unprofessional player from unprofessional team.Cesc is an Arsenal player and we have his value.Barca are just poor to buy him and they can not afford him on cash.Let them fuck off…….

  8. Do me a favour, change the qoutes attributed to Carlos Puyol to Cesc Fabregas because is where that message has come from. We are accept Cesc isn’t your typical dumbass footballer yet fail to see he would capable of using his mates to transfer his messages. He’s not once called any of them to tell them to stop or denied any of it. He wants to go.

    • well said.

      • I didn’t say anything about Cesc himself wanting to stay or leave. I acknowledge that it is likely that he wants to leave when I said that what is holding up the deal is Barca’s inability to pay for him.

        • I’m not sure what you mean, THG. I think I have actually removed 1 or 2 out of thousands of comments on this blog and that was due to racist remarks. If you included a URL in your comment, the spam filter automatically blocks it and it has to be approved.

          • Sincere apologies ArsenalStation.

            I have just realised the comment is awaiting moderation. I should have noticed it..

            However, I have linked to your article via my blog as I wrote a similar post this morning on the subect of Puyol’s comments.

            I will await for you to have a nose and moderate the comment.

  9. best newsnow headline of the year.
    yes i want to bitch slap him. i also would like to stomp on his neanderthal head

  10. blogger, it’s you

  11. Some great writing. Couldn’t agree more. This transfer saga is getting embrarrasing for Cesc and Barca. The fact that Guardiola as a coach is a cockroach that needs to use dirty tactics because the club is poor says it all. He knows the board won’t allow him to spend heavy on Cesc so he made all Barca players rape the media with “Cesc hates Wenger, wants to go to Barca” – comments. It’s pathetic and embarrasing. In the professional world of football, they are like the dirty hobos that beg for the half chewed piece of gum. If Cesc want’s to leave, put up the £60M and offer him a contract, if he takes it and leaves, well then it is what it is, Arsenal get 60M and Puyol finally gets to see his beloved Cesc in the shower slapping other Barca players with a towel… But for know FIFA should fine Barca as heavy as legally possible to make them shut the fuck up! Seriously, if Uniteds pursuit of shitty Berbatov from Spuds was enough to give united a warning and a fine, where the hell is FIFA now to take away Pyols and Xavis wages for innapropriate behaviour in the media?! This is bulshit!

  12. While i agree with you that Puyol clearly needs a slap and that Arsenal don’t have to sell Cesc. What has become crystal clear is that Cesc wants to leave,he has expressed that over the summer in a number of ways.

    He has not come out at anytime and said i am staying with Arsenal, or i will not be going to Barac.No matter what you think of Puyol Cesc has said yesterday that he is some one who looks after him and has taught him alot. I don’t for a second think that Puyol is saying anything Cesc doesn’t want him to say.

    Bottom line is he doesn’t want to play for us!!! Its hard to take but lets me honest, he has seen his mates in Barca play great football and win!!!

    What’s he won with us? an FA medal in 2005……In that time how much have Barca won?

    What disappoints me is that Wenger has not tried to keep him by signing players that are proven quality to prove our ambition matches his. Infact we have lost 7 playesr and brought in 2.

    Why should he stay…Sign some crakers then say Cesc with these players i am showing you my ambition

  13. I hear that Barca still owe us money for hleb/henry but does anyone now how much they owe?

  14. come to think of it i don’t want to bitchslap Puyol… i want to beat the giblets out of him…

    But lets be honest boys this isn’t a surprise to us… expecting a Barca player to show some class… well you’ve got more chance of being raped by a snowman

  15. United were never fined nor warned for their persuit of Berbatov despite talking to him before given permission. You can’t stop Barcelona players talking to their friend, especially when Cesc asks them the questions. The loophole that players can use the media to tap up players needs to be closed as if this was a manager or any other representitive of the club, it would not be permitted.

  16. Well said mate!! I would love it just love it if we got barca in the CL!!!! (in a Kevin Keegan rant!!)

  17. I read somewhere that United got an official warning by FIFA after Martin Jol bitched to FIFA like 12 times. But either way, Barca players can’t be stopped talking TO Cesc personally, but blabbering shit in the media on behalf of another person is over the line. It’s like if Wenger would go out and say into the media “I know for a fact that Guardiola is gay!”

  18. Barca still owe around 16m from the Henry/Helb deals.

    Another reason why we should never deal with them again,

    • So that means they paid for hleb but not on henry? thats madness? Especially after they signed him 3 years ago…..

    • I mean think about it from a business perspective. Transfer fees aren’t paid up front but in installments. Would you make a huge deal with a company who still owes you money from previous deals and whose horrible financial condition is being reported in the media all over the world. It just doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.

  19. Thimgs I’d like to see to prevent a repitition of this summers crap.

    1. Wenger and Fabregas to renegotiate the players contract; extending it to nine years, with a sixty-five million pound release clause. Thus ensuring that Brokeback Barca either put-up or shut-up next summer, and save us a repeat of this summer’s embarrassing and infuriating saga.

    2. Joseph S. Blatter to do something for football, and not his own self-aggrandisement. Starting with the proper enforcement of Fifa regulations on the status and transfer of players, section iv, article 17 paragraph 5, then moving on to sensibly consider goal line technology, and finishing with footballs that actually reflect rather than nullify technical ability.

    3. Barcelona’s insufferably arrogant players, incoming and outgoing Presidents, and Manager to be heavily fined, according to Article 17 Paragraph 5 above, and have to borrow another 120 odd million Euros to pay for it.

    What was that they said about wish in one hand and crap in the other???

  20. You fools he wants to go. He has given everything to the arsenal cause and won nothing in return. How many years of “Just give us one more year,Cesc” Do you expect him to put up with. Spain winning the world cup was the worst thing that could happen to you guys, now he wants to win things and he knows that will not happen with arsenal, so let him go. Personally, |I think he should stay where he is, he would not get into the Barca first team anyway.

    • It’s not a matter of whether he wants to go or not. It’s a matter of Arsenal not selling Cesc at half-price. This is why what Barca is doing is so underhanded. It’s not merely a few of his friends talking… it’s much more coordinated and sinister than that. It is an attempt to turn the supporters against the player and to be able to the player for far less than he’s worth because Barca simply can’t afford him.

  21. It is a shame you wouldn’t publish my comment. I will continue to keep the link to your article on my site.

    Best wishes,

  22. Well said! Bunch of jumped up broke arse bankrupts. Get the money out or fuck off. And settle up on what you owe on Henry and Pleb while you’re at it. Cunts.

  23. Good blog mate.

    Kinda summarises my feelings today. Just going through my daily Arsenal news, once again my eyes and head is spinning due to another Barca player shooting at our bulletproof doors. Who the hell do they think they are? Pique, Xavi, Iniesta, etc, etc. For f***’s sakes.

    Mr Fab4 has got alot to make up for. He’s not at all been innocent. At the end of last season he said that it’ll be a dream to play for Barca, but if they want him thats another story…. Ofcourse they want him. Ever since Wenger developed him into a captain have they wanted him. So Cesc- this is for you! You the best player in Arsenal but you’ll be my least favourite player this season!

    Btw, my heads already paining for the January transfer window. All I read is the Cesc to Barca saga. God help me. PLEASE

  24. I think we should line up Puyol, Pique, Xavi and Villa and slap each of them ten times each.

    Then the Arsenal players should all kick balls at them as hard as possible.

    I h8 Mourinho, but realy want him to stuff Barca this season. (With or Without Fabregas)

  25. Poor Cesc does not remember the Arsenal – Barca curse. If you look back at the history of players who left Emirates/Highbury to the promised land of debt filled Barca team, you wull find names such as Emmanuel Petit, who was ignored by all Barca players and the coach, no one bothered to tell him anything of what’s going on, and he ended up on the bench, regreting the hell out of the decision to move. He was quoted saying “leaving Arsenal is my biggest regret!” In his book he wrote that upon his arrival he was put in the defence with the coach not even knowing what position Petit played in.

    Then comes Marc Overmars. He was placed on the bech after 1 bad performance without any chance or time to properly settle in. Being a qulity player he did break into the team and was a regular in the first team, thought without any success. He later expressed a concern leaving the gunners having said that had he stayed, he would be a better player.

    Then comes Henry, he was placed on the left wing, and despite his wishes to play as a center forward, he continued playing on the left. With his quailty he did make the best out of it and did very well, but unfortunately, he was replaced with a child called Pedro and left for New York, knowing very well that had he stayed at Arsenal, he would still be a big shot. Henry also expressed a some dissatisfaction with the Barca move.

    And who could forget Alex Hleb? Left the club for 15M euros + 2M eruos if Barca won the title, which they did, yet Arsenal never saw that 2M. After only 5 appearences, Hleb was shipped out on loan to Stuttgart and also said that he would love the opportunity to join Bayern Munich. He was also qouted sayin in August 2009 that he should have never left the Emirates, and adviced Cesc to stay the following summer. Hleb is now on Barcas transfer list.

    So the question arises, will Cesc be a shodow of himself in a fast and really hardworking playing style of Barca? He only played there as a 16 year old, and I believe he would have a hard time settling in despite being a “local”. Besides, where is he gonna play? Xavi’s place? Not a chance, Iniesta’s place? No, Iniesta is far more technical and works aroung Xavi, which does not really suit Cesc’s style… I reckon that if he leaves, his career will go down the shitter, and after a year or two in Barca, he will end up playing for Mallorca… But time will tell

  26. BTW is this not a case of tapping up?

    I swear it is, in that case we should report them and get them a 2 transfer window ban.

    O yeah i forgot Uefa dont care for English teams, and Love Barca.

  27. damn you puyol are you his agent,are you his father or who are you to him.whatever you say cesc is a gunner and we are not giving him got that.!!!! pray you finsh your profile on a high note not talking about other people.

  28. You can go to the bastard’s website and write to him what kind of scum he is:
    I just did it and I felt kind of happy.


  29. Well said.

    To be honst I actually HAD a lot respect for Barca, and were happy to sell our players at the end of their peak to them…

    ver the past 6 months, i hate them more than any other team (yes even Spurs and MANure)….they have no respect. They have tried every trick in the book, and the begging of their players to lure a player we created and put on the map, is absolutey disgusting. If given the chance Puyol should be bitch-slapped till every inch of his horse-hair falls out.

    Arsenal owe Fab or Barca nothing. They have tried every trick in the book to land Fab and make us look like the bad guys. Its them that look like idiots, and if they cant pay up..they I will happyily direct them to a cliff where they can jump.

    Wenger has done us proud. Rejecting their begging new president to a meeting and sticking to his value. I mean they must be stupid – pay £54 mill for ibrah and they want to pay £24m less for Fab. Looks like they need to invest in a few GCSE’s before transfer dealing…

    I think we will get one more season out of him….and then Wilshere and ramsey will be ready to run riot across Europe…..

  30. I love arsenal f##c puyol and baca poor they can.t aford me

  31. Puyol is only doing what Fabregas is telling him to. Wake up!

    u and ur barca gay boys can sod off! you want cesc tough your about to become the leeds of the la liga mate years time the reply to barcelona will be “barcelona who?” fucking dickhead.
    no only do i want to bitch slap this cunt but i want to kick his poncy soul all the way down the tunnel til he chokes on his own fucked up ribs

  33. I appreciate that Cesc wants to go, anyone one would given the opportunity to play for life long supported club., but Barca should/must pay the market rate.

    Also if Cesc is so desperate to go, why does he not hand in a transfer request, this relinquishing his right to his contract being paid in full if the club chooses to sell the player?

  34. I want to back hand bitch-slap ol’mophead!!!!

  35. Hello all,
    Yes we’ve all come to hate farcelona, but lets also think what cesc has been doing.last year he signed an extension.If he wanted to leave this summer, why should he have done that.He hasnt come out this whole summer in defence of arsenal.Only has talked abt how AW is like his father, how great that chat was with him etc.Why hsould he demand talks with AW if hes not interested in going?Again why hasnt he come out in public and said anything to stop in ***** for friends from talking shit in the media.Yes he wants to go, but he has to stay here for another year.So he better have a good excuse for all his antics….If the WC hasnt showed him anything( being on the bench), im
    sorry abt his mental state…..if he still wants to go, lets just open a bidding sure real madrid, manshitty etc would love to have him.then he can leave. On our terms, not on his whims…..And we wont budge an inch….not even an inch for farcelona……i want the whole stadium to sing “stand up if u hate barca”……let it resonate also in cesc’s ears…..

  36. am a gunner 4 ever ever

  37. Puyol better worry about your wage first for you dont knwo where it will come from. For Barca let them sort out their poverty first.

  38. First time iv been on ur site but to read my exact feelings written by someone else makes me chill a bit because I feel like ranting at random people about it who don’t actually card haha! The main thing that you say that I totally agree with is that on what world do Barcelona players or even fabregas think by puyol coming put and chatting utter crap will help a transfer?? Of anything they are bogging cesc and barcelona a HUGE hole to climb out of!

  39. this has got to be the best thing i have read in a long long time mate.fuckin spot on.

  40. tbh, im over wanting to bitch slap puyol. right now i just want to make a filthy sex tape with his missus and charge a bunch of people for watching it. then with my profits im going to buy the club and destroy it from the inside out. thats not to say i would no cock whip him in the eye if i saw him in my pub

  41. Here’s something to enjoy…

    From Charm City Gooners on Facebook.

  42. Oh i would like my ticket to the bitch slap party. sign me up.

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