NYC Arsenal Supporters’ Club

NYC_LogoThe New York City Arsenal Supporters’ Club was created in 2008 by Kurtis Powers and Brett Chase, as a way of bringing together the existing Arsenal supporters in the area and to welcome newer supporters into the fold. The club currently has 131 members who watch every Arsenal match at their new home pub, The Blind Pig, 233 E. 14th Street (b/w 2nd & 3rd).

We are young, old, and in between, from all types of ethnic and social backgrounds. There are relatively newer supporters, but there are also many who have supported the club for a decade or more. While we have the mission of bringing NYC-area Arsenal supporters together, our other goal is to show that American Gooners are nothing like Emmanuel Adebayor’s insulting characterization and are just as fanatic and dedicated to supporting the club as any domestic supporter.

To this end, the NYC-ASC has issued this statement:

A Statement of Rebuttal from the NYC Arsenal Supporters

Regarding the Disparaging Remarks by Emmanuel Adebayor

The man who has replaced Ashley Cole at the top of the Arsenal’s Most Hated list, Emmanuel Adebayor, said in a recent interview that Arsenal fans were somehow inferior to Manchester City fans because they “have fans from America and Jamaica. Today they are Arsenal fans, tomorrow they will be Liverpool fans and after tomorrow they will be Manchester United fans.”  This was obviously meant as a double insult to Arsenal fans, one by calling them fickle and faithless, and secondly by comparing them with “obviously” lesser fans from America or elsewhere.

Which makes it that much more insulting to me, an American Arsenal supporter for 11 years.  I was there for Bergkamp, Vieira, Petit, Adams, Henry, Overmars, Pires, Parlour, even Nelson Vivas and Pascal Cygan, all truer Gunners than Adebayor.  I was there before Arsene plucked him from the obscurity of the bench at Monaco, before he had his one great Arsenal season, before he whored himself all over Europe, and before he showed just how classless he is at the Middle East-lands on Saturday.

I am American and Arsenal ’til I die.

And I’m not alone.  There are thousands upon thousands of Arsenal fans around the world, and none are lesser for being from somewhere other than England.  This is why we started the NYC Arsenal Supporters group on Facebook, as a way to bring these Arsenal fans here together; a red & white family, if you will.

There are currently 131 members, and that number is growing.  To a fool like Adebayor, such growth could only mean more silly Americans supporting an English club for a while as a fad, only to discard them.  But anyone who’s been to see an Arsenal match at Nevada Smith’s in New York would disagree.  We sing the songs as loudly, display our colors with as much pride, and love the Arsenal just as much as any Gooner from N5.

These “fickle” American fans in the NYC Arsenal Supporters spend loads of their own hard-earned money on shirts and other items expressing their love for the club.  That’s not even to mention the number who spend thousands of dollars to go to London and other places to see the Gunners play.  Supporting a club in another country with this kind of passion takes a true commitment, and it is more than financial.  It’s a sacrifice demonstrated by the great number of us who get up to watch matches at Nevada Smith’s at 7:45am here in NYC that start at 12:45pm in England and singing proudly, win, lose or draw.

In many ways, it’s far more difficult to be an Arsenal fan here in New York, or indeed, anywhere across America.  Local supporters have it a bit easy supporting their local teams; for many, their families indoctrinate them.  There are few among the NYC Arsenal Supporters who are from North London or England at all, so the majority of us have been drawn to Arsenal some other way.  I know for myself, I did not arbitrarily choose a club and start following them; in a way, Arsenal chose me as much as I chose Arsenal.  I expect it was the same for all of us.

So with all apologies to Mr. Adebayor, enjoy your plastic Chelsea-esque support in Manchester City.  I’ll be busy pouring my heart and lungs out every week as I watch the exploits of Fabregas, Arshavin, van Persie and Song, and I’ll be doing so with as true a group of fans as I know, the NYC Arsenal Supporters, just as Arsenal supporters worldwide have and will continue to do.  And, by the way, Ade… go fuck yourself.

Ooh, to be a Gooner.

If you are a New York City-area Gooner and would like to join the NYC-ASC or just want to watch matches with friendly fellow Gooners at Nevada Smith’s, drop Kurtis Powers a line at: info (at) arsenal-nyc.comor join the NYC Arsenal Supporters’ Facebook Group.

Click on the graphic to show your support for the NYC-ASC by buying one of their fine t-shirts!

NYC-ASC T-Shirts

51 Responses

  1. Greetings to all you New York Gooners!
    This is North London Calling.
    Thought you might like to add a new song to your repertoire.
    Click on the above link and sing along! Feel free to spread the video around.
    All the best
    Steve Somerset
    aka The Man From The Shadow Kabinet

  2. OH hang on the link wasn’t published…. Damn
    Here we go

  3. Cheers, Steve!
    We’ll make sure to share that with the boys.
    Nice job mate!

  4. i love the post about adebayor it is actually the truth i cant believe that a fellow african man like me will descend so low as to succumb to a sort of racism they should have given him a beating of his life there on the pitch. that was a totally bad behaviour and does not exhibit true sportsmanship

  5. a fellow north-londoner supporting the arsenal, i think its awesome to see such response from the US.

    i just wanted to add, there aren’t only thousands of fans, they come in millions! theres at least 150,000 official “red” level members (no-doubt based in or around london alone) and millions of fans in france, spain, far east asia, not to mention the support we are getting from NYC!

    and theres no official way to measure this, but arsenal is the team of choice for any neutral fan. we don’t only hold a great history, and a gleaming trophy cabinet, but we play the possibly best football in the world. at times suprising even ourselves.

    and absolutely right about adebayor, he reckoned himself a legend after that one season – to be honest before reading this i forgot adebayor USED to play for arsenal. he was easily overvalued by manchester city and we cashed in on the unloyal player. honestly does it look like we miss him much?? we’ve already racked up around 36 goals in 11 games (as of 11th Nov 09) so long adebayor, im sorry you feel sour now that you realise you are NOT a legend. i don’t really like swearing on the internet… but the F word and possibly a few B and W words really come to mind right now…

    • I find that UK-based fans tend not to realize the level of support there is for the club abroad, especially in the US. Many Arsenal supporters here in NYC, and throughout the US, are actually red-level members as well. Obviously they are not doing it for the tickets, but to be a “member” of and to support the club. The support from NYC is not new, only their online presence. Arsenal has had an increasing fan base here since the late 90s and I can honestly say that of all the PL sides, Arsenal have the most devoted following, and I would suspect the largest as well. Arsenal supporters always outnumber those of other clubs at pubs in the US. Chelsea gained alot of supporters from the two years when they were winning but Arsenal’s supporters in the US are different. Bhavik, if you ever come to NYC, come watch a match with the NYC-ASC at Nevada Smith’s and see just how passionate American Gooners really are.

  6. “I was there before Arsene plucked him from the obscurity of the bench at Metz, before he had his one great Arsenal season”

    We bought Adebayor from Monaco not metz, just so you know.

  7. Great game last night! Good see to Rosicky scoring. What a player great to see him back. We are top of the League!

  8. Just found this site and got a lot of information from it especially about FOX having additional channels.DISH network be aware!!

    There is a good amount of Gooners down here in Charlotte North Carolina some of us expats like myself but a bunch who discovered The Arsenal through Bergkamp and Henry.

    Keep up the good work

    • Tar Heel Gunner,

      Hello, there.

      Do you have any suggestions for a soccer-friendly pub in Charlotte. My son and I have been going to Big Ben’s in Myers Park, but it burned this week! I’m desperate to watch Arsenal.


      • Until Tar Heel Gooner gets back to you, try calling these pubs, Charlie:

        115 E. 5th Street
        Charlotte, NC
        (704) 358-9070

        Courtyard Hooligans
        140 Brevard Ct
        Charlotte, NC 28202

        Angry Ale’s
        1518 Montford Dr
        Charlotte, NC 28209

        Big Ben Pub
        801 Providence Rd
        Charlotte, NC 28207

        Jackalope Jacks
        1936 East 7th St
        Charlotte, NC 28204

  9. got home about 14.00 today… after watching us vs villa….top 4 team wot ajoke villa be lucky to finish 6th…
    any way got a program if u would like to have it let me no
    c yar
    gooner 4 ever

    • rohim,

      I don’t have any Arsenal programs so that would be greatly appreciated if you wanted to send it on. Rest assured that it would be cherished and well-cared for.

      Arsenal Station

      • hi michel
        sorry for being so late with a reply
        have a program from Arsenal vs Barcelona you can have .
        got the ticket from that game as well. you can have that also
        If you have a friend who would like an Arsenal shirt
        i have one from a couple off years ago its the blue away shirt o2 were the clubs sponsor then its a uk sixe XL… ok
        and last off all got the offical membership yearbook from 2009/10 ..let me no if you wont them .. also im going to liverpool on the 14 August its the Arsenal 1st game off the season let me no if you wont anything from there
        take care mate.
        just in case
        my e-mail

        • Michael, I’ve spoken with Rohim and he was going to mail them here. I will share with you, as well as posting some of the stuff around the pub for more Gooner feel in our new spot.

  10. plastic yank cunts adebayor adebayor his dad washes elephants an his mum is a whore, sol sol werever you may be ur on the verge of lunacy i dont give fuck if u hang from a tree your judas scum with hiv

  11. dumb yanks ppl in england have it lucky being local to there teams ,the fucking dumbest thing ive ever heard typical septic tank

  12. im irish these septics get on my nerves with their self rightous bullshit

  13. What on earth is this foul mouthed guy on about?
    This forum is not the place for your narrow-minded, idiotic and racist outpourings.

  14. and Racism is unacceptable in Ireland, England and America.

  15. He’s spurs trash trying to get a rise out of people. Don’t pay him any mind, just like the rest of the world does with his shit club.

    • Exactly, comrade. Don’t let this guy get any of you worked up. Arsenal Station is enjoying a much needed break since our season ended and will be back once the World Cup is over.

  16. By the way Michael, you may want to change the Nevada Smiths link to our new spot.

  17. anyone catching henry’s debut for red bulls this thursday vs spurs? just picked up two tickets myself, spoke to a girl named jessica in the sales group over there, very helpful. i bought seats in 201, lets get a group together! would love to sit with a bunch of my fellow gooners.. call their number 201 583 7000 and ask for jessica in sales

  18. Hi Guys,

    I will be in new york for xmas, I am a fanatical gooner and aim to catch the game with chelski on boxing day and wigan on the 28th- do you still use Nevada Smith pub to watch the game as I would like to link up with you.

  19. John,

    The NYC Arsenal Supporters have moved to their very own pub a few blocks from Nevada Smith’s. The new place is:

    The Blind Pig
    233 E. 14th St. (b/t 2nd & 3rd Ave)
    New York, NY, 10003

    • cheers mate hope to see you there on boxing day, hopefully the game will be on but I check before I come over

  20. hi guys i am arsenal fan from london. and respect all u new york fans. we r gooners and we r one family. when i visit new york i look forward to watching arsenal match with u or welcoming u guys 2 are home in north london arsenal till i die.

  21. Just come back to the

  22. Just got back to the UK from NYC.

    I went to see TH14 at the Red Bulls for a last glimpse of the magic man and was surprised to see so many Gooners wandering aroiund.

    As the US seems enlightened enough to allow you to wander around the stadium ( and stand and let off smoke) we made our way to the other end of the ground at half time to follow the Bulls attack..

    I soon noticed the America Arsenal Flag and quickly ended up in a section of I guess 300 Gooners there to meet TH.

    The atmosphere was great, although the songs were a bit dated guys!!

    I was also surprised that everyone was supporting the Bulls not Arsenal’s sister club the Rapids. Take note Board and twin us with a club from a proper metropolis.

    Just a suggestion….why don’t you NY Gooners adopt the Bulls and a section of the ground and continue going to the games and flying the Arsenal flag…you will soon have every Gooner in town flocking to the game.

    My thoughts on MSL…The game was actually really good, the home section (105) looked like the North Bank terracing of old and the stadium was better than most in the UK.

    Long live the Arsenalisation of America.

  23. hi we have a limerick branch arsenal supporters club est since 1998.we r still goin strong.we watch all our live games in the locke bar georges quay in limerick city.most of our members are red level members at the emirates.ticket allocation is very good this season.some interesting comments on your pages.our club meet up with tipperary and tralee supp clubs for live games once r twice a year.

  24. I was visiting New York for the week and watched the 1st half of WBA in Nevada Smith’s. I was told to go down to the Blind Pig to watch the 2nd half. It was amazing. It had a better atmosphere than anything on Holloway Road and all before midday! I would just like to say it made my day and I will be back! Thanks!

  25. just got back from london, saw arsenal v liverpool gutted say no more. sat next to patrick viera and robert pires classy guys unlike adebayor

  26. I am die hard Arsenal fan from New Jersey

  27. Hi there

    Lucky enough to be visiting new york again next weekend. We are coming from North London, and obviously we are gooners til we die. Trying to find somewhere we can watch the Arsenal Stoke match on Sunday and the Carling cup game against Bolton on Tuesday, but our problem is we have a 13 year old in tow. Any suggestions apart from locking him in the hotel room?


  28. I read this paragraph fully regarding the difference of latest and preceding technologies, it’s amazing article.

  29. I’m in NYC for the Wolves game on the 11th Apr ’12 and was wondering where is the best place to catch the game – Blind Pig or Nevada Smiths?

  30. We were in New York in October and watched a match at the Blind Pig.
    It was an absolutely amazing atmosphere, and we were made so welcome. I would definately go there!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Blind Pig is home of the NYC Arsenal Supporters. Fantastic place!

  32. Hi – I’m a big gooner from london but in this awesome city of yours for Easter

    Where is the best place to catch arsenal vs man city Sunday 11am?


  33. The Blind Pig. 233 E 14th St

  34. Goon to the bloody Moon.
    Wow, great site. Just saying hello from ArsenalArsenal blog site. Will definately drop in to Blind Pig next time I’m over. Followed by a massive pastrami sarni at Katz. Can’t be far from your boozer. Only been there once, but met a great NY Gooner!
    Keep the faith. Spuds 5th ha ha

  35. I am very suppurt of arsenal I like arsene wenger and players are the rosicky and song , persie wenger I said ever gams lin up of the rosicky.

  36. Wish I had found the Blind Pig when I visited your lovely city last year.
    Like MickyDidit89, I,m from ArsenalArsenal (England). Have been a Gooner for 57 years.
    Must win this Sunday to get third and guarantee Champions league next year.

  37. Coming over to NYC in September from little old England, I’m a proud Gooner and will be droping into the Blind Pig, see you in a couple of weeks. pop

  38. Hi Kurtis Powers

    I intend visiting Old Trafford on Nov 3 to see my beloved Arsenal play United. Any chance as a supporters club, you can get me a ticket to see the game and sit in the away section with like minded Gooners? You can contact me at my info supplied at this site.


    • Hi Alwyn.
      Lovely to see some one from over the pond supporting The Arsenal.
      Im of the older generation (62) and have been supporting Arsenal since I was 5 years old, Im a true Gooner.
      Im afraid I cant help with your ticket info but if you take a look at an Arsenal Forum site called “ArsenalArsenal” join up and chat with the most friendly bunch of Gooners you will ever meet. There might be some one on there that can help you. You must remember though that ManUre are one of the hardest tickets to come by. I personally hate that club more than any other and would not step foot in the place, but everybody to their own, as they say.
      Good luck.

  39. greetings from arsenal vikings denmark 🙂
    you can find us at facebook groups-arsenal vikings denmark-ATID

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