West Ham vs Arsenal Player Ratings

Emmanuel Money Bags Adebayor Proves To Be Too Much To Handle

Emmanuel "Money Bags" Adebayor Proves To Be Too Much To Handle

Arsenal traveled across London this weekend to take on city rivals West Ham United in what was a very hard fought victory at Upton Park.  A scoreless first half saw Arsenal come out from the break determined to find the breakthrough.  Despite the heroics of Robert Green, Arsenal found a way through off of a Faubert own goal.  Arsenal we able to hang on to advantage until stoppage time when a sublime pass from Bendtner  put Adebayor in on goal to double the advantage and sure up the three points for the visitors.

Almunia: 8 Fantastic first half from the Spaniard who made a few fantastic saves, including a great one on Bellamy.  Almunia seems to really be growing into his roll this season and as someone who has never been particularly impressed by Almunia he really is becoming a solid keeper.

Eboue: 6.5 Not the greatest game for Eboue.  He was slopping in the attacking third but solid enough in defense.  I still think he plays better as a right back.

Gallas: 8 Great game by Gallas, one of the few good games I can remember him having in an Arsenal shirt.  He dealt well with the Hammer’s attackers all evening and played some fantastic one on one defense.  Lets all hope that our Captain keeps up this form for many games to come.

Silvestre: 7.5 Played very well next to Gallas.  He is still getting used to our system but the Frenchman seems to be fitting in quite well.

Clichy: 7.5 Showed great willingness to get forward but was outpaced by Bellamy in the first half.  All in all though it was a typical Clichy performance, as solid as ever.

Walcott: 8 Theo was brilliant on the night.  His pace and ability to launch Arsenal into attack with the snap of a finger caused West Ham trouble all night long.  He put some nice balls into the middle and showed a great willingness to fight down the right and to get into scoring positions in the box.  He was unlucky not to score when he fired off the crossbar.

Fabregas: 7.5 Fairly good performance from the Spaniard.  He controlled the midfield well and seemed to work much better next to Song then next to Denilson.  He had a few passes get away from him but over all he showed great determination to orchestrate the attack as Arsenal searched for a winner.

Song: 8 A so-so first half combined with an amazing second half completed what is most likely Song’s best game for the Gunners to date.  He was fantastic getting back in defense and halting any sort of offense the Hammers got going and was good in the final third as well.  He showed good decision making in his passing and some fantastic skill on the ball as well.  I hope this game will give Song a prolonged run out at the defensive midfield position.

Nasri: 7 Quite game from Samir but continued to link up well with Clichy down the right.  I have been really impressed with the Frenchman’s skill and strength on the ball and I look forward to seeing Nasri continue to adapt and fit into the side.

van Persie: 7.5 Looked for goal often and came close on three or four occasions.  It looks like Robin’s free kick ability is starting to return as she rattled on off the upright.  He worked the keeper well and played some nice balls between the rest of the team, especially his chest down to an oncoming Walcott in the box.

Bendtner: 7.5 A performance the young Dane can certainly be proud of.  The game did not come easy to him the whole 90 minutes but Nick worked hard and linked up well with his team mates.  He played some excellent balls into the box and even worked the keeper on on occasion.  His ball to Adebayor for the second though was absolutely fantastic.  Suffice to say, I believe Bendtner is coming along quite nicely and gives Arsenal another solid option up top.


Adebayor: 8.5 Made all the difference.  His willingness to fight for every ball was very clear and his hard work paid off early as some fancy footwork and a shot toward goal helped Arsenal find the breakthrough as Adebayor bounced a shot off of a West Ham Defender and into the back of the net.  His link up with the rest of the team was great and his goal was superbly taken.

Diaby: 7 Showed some nice link up and some fancy footwork but ultimately didn’t make that much of an impact on the match.

Sagna: N/A

Man of the Match: Adebayor has certainly added another dimension to his game this season.  The way he links up and interacts with the other players on the pitch gives us something we didn’t have last year.  His pace and physicality have become huge problems for Premier League defenders and his 8 goals in all competitions have helped Arsenal keep it close in the opening months of the BPL and the Champions League.

Arsenal vs Porto Player Ratings

Who needs Batman when youve got Robin?

Who needs Batman when you've got Robin?

Arsenal took on FC Porto the other night and won with style as the Gunners slammed four goals past the visitors.  Despite a shaky first 20 minutes, Arsenal took the lead in the 32nd minute and never looked back.  The scoreline could’ve reached Slavia Prague proportions if not for some profligate finishing. Here are Arsenal Station’s player ratings:

Almunia: 7.5 Not too much to do from Almunia but there when called upon.  He made a fantastic save in the first half to prevent Porto from taking the early lead which could’ve led to a very different result.

Sagna: 7.5 Solid as usual for Bakary.  He was tidy in defense, made some good tackles and recovered well when beat.  He was again a vital part of the Arsenal attack as he got forward and provided crosses and link up with the other attacking players.

Toure: 6.5 Decent game from Kolo.  Really ought to have done better on Porto’s first chance when Toure’s loose marking left Cristian Rodriguez in the middle open for a diving header.

Gallas: 6.5 Nothing much to say about Gallas other than, again, like Toure, he looked as shaky as ever on set-pieces.  I don’t know what the manager has to do to get our two center-backs to defend properly but whatever it is I hope he figures it out quickly.

Clichy: 8 Great game from Clichy.  Linked up well down the left and got forward often.  He was there in defense when called upon and as always was Arsenal’s Mr. Consistent.

Walcott: 8.5 Theo caused trouble for Porto all night long and grabbed an assist on van Persie’s second goal.  Theo has shown that even when he doesn’t get on the scoresheet he contributes a lot to this team.  His close control and lightning quick pace are conmstantly an asset on the pitch.  While he always looked dangerous against Porto, on a few occasions his decision making seemed lacking.  I am sure this will however get better with time.

Fabregas: 9 Great game from Cesc.  The best so far this season.  He hustled in defense and utterly dominated the midfield.  I hope this is a sign of what is to come from our true leader as he still looks to get completely back on track after a long summer.

Denilson: 7 Going forward has never been Denilson’s issue.  Rather it has been his ability to fulfill the defensive part of his midfield roll.  I remain unconvinced.  He hardly shields the back and I cannot remember the last time I saw him put in a decent challenge.  The kid has skill surely and in the attacking half he is a great asset but when the opposition get the ball the young Brazilian seems to go missing.  Perhaps it is time for Alex Song to get a proper run out.

Nasri: 7.5 A solid return performance from Samir.  It was quite clear he had been out for a bit and a game like this with a solid 60 minutes will go a long ways towards improving his match fitness.  Other than that, he seemed to hook up well with Clichy and showed good skill on the ball.  His passing was a bit off but he did again show his willingness to shoot and get inside the box, something this Arsenal team could always do with more of.

van Persie: 9 Fantastic game after a woeful performance on Saturday.  The Dutchman still seems to be getting to full fitness and this game surely silenced some who said he should lose his place in the line up.  Some great bits of skill, terrific vision and clinical finishing capped off a great night in Europe for Robin.

Adebayor: 8.5 Good game from Ade who scored two and set up another quite nicely.  He generally caused problems for the Porto defense but his finishing could still use some work.  For a player who gets as many chances as he does it would be nice if he could have a higher rate of conversion since as all Arsenal fans know, not every night is like the one we just had.


Bendtner: 7.5 Did well to win the penalty and had some nice link up with the rest of the team.  He played a nice ball through to Adebayor as well for what should’ve been his hat-trick.

Eboue: 7 Really ought to have put his chance in.  Other than that, he used pace well and showed a few bits of skill every once in a while but someone should tell him to leave the step overs to others.

Vela: 7.5 Did well against Porto.  Kept the ball close and almost had a chance himself.  Showed good pace and generally looked threatening.  Games like this will prove crucial in the development of the young Mexican striker and as the season goes on I can only see Carlos pushing more and more for a permanent spot in the first team.

Man of the Match: Robin van Persie looks to have finally gotten back to his usual self.  His finishing touch was brilliant and he even nabbed an assist to go with his two goals on the evening.  Hopefully this game will mark his true return to fitness and help him get in confidence back.  A fit van Persie certainly gives Arsenal another dimension.  Let’s all hope Robin’s fitness is here to stay.

Bolton vs Arsenal Player Ratings


Denilson says: "Flamoney-WHO?"

Arsenal traveled up north again this weekend and came home to London with another three points.  A physical match meant that Arsenal would have to show resolve and resilience if they hoped to climb tp the top of the league table this weekend and the Gunners did just that as they managed to put three in the back of the net.

Almunia: 7.5 Almunia had a fine game.  He made some important saves and he seems have increasing control of his area as exhibited by his willingness to come off his line and claim crosses.  His one mistake though did lead to the corner that led to the goal.  Other than that another solid display from the Spaniard.

Sagna: 7 As solid as ever.  He was even switched over to left back as Clichy came off at halftime after being the victim of a typical Bolton kick.  Sagna was great in defense and solid going forward.  Week after week he proves why he is Mr. Reliable.

Toure: 6 Kolo should have done much, much better on the goal.  Replays show that he barely made an effort to stop the header that led to the goal.  He did come close to an equalizer and got more solid defensively as the match went on.  Was solid as Bolton pushed for an equalizer in the second half.

Gallas: 7 A fairly solid defensive display from Gallas, finally.  He was good at marking and staying with his man and he made some great one on one challenges.  Though it is disconcerting that Davies got a free header in the box despite having Toure in front of him and Gallas behind him.  I sincerely hope Gallas will build off of this performance and try to play more like the world-class defender that some claim he is.

Clichy: 7.5 Up until his injury scare, Clichy was awesome.  He recovered well in defense down the left and was superb getting forward.  He showed his usual willingness to fight and continues to make a strong claim on Evra’s spot in the French National Team.

Eboue: 7.5 So, Eboue finally had something of his own to dance about other than an Adebayor goal.  After more than three years, the Ivorian ended his goal drought (if it can be called that considering he hadn’t scored before) and notched a fine, albeit offside, goal for the equalizer.  This was yet another fine performance from the team goofball after a season that had many doubting his place in the team.  Lets hope Eboue can continue this fine run of form.

Fabregas: 7 Much better than in Kiev.  Cesc played some fine, defense splitting balls and was hustling in defense to get back and help protect the lead.  He was fantastic on the ball and generally looked much more comfortable in the team then he did a few nights ago.  Hopefully the week’s rest will see him fresh and re-energized when Arsenal takes on Hull next week.

Song: 7 Song had one of his better games on Saturday.  He connected successfully on 91% of his passes and even had a 2 quality attempts on goal; the first a header that hit the post and the second from just outside the box which forced Jaaskelainen to make an outstretched save.  He was a solid as ever at protecting the back line and I think we are a much better team defensively with Song in the line up but if there is one place he can improve his game to become a better all round midfielder it would be his distribution in the attack.

Denilson: 9 What a game from the young Brazilian.  His final ball was superb and his distribution was fantastic.  His tackling and interceptions were much better then at the start of the season and he has shown that he has the engine it takes to be a key member of this Arsenal squad.  Add to that a fantastic cross to Bendtner to make it 2-1 Arsenal, as well as the calm finish on his own goal and this has to be without question Denilson’s finest performance in an Arsenal kit to date.  Still wish it didn’t take him 10-15 minutes to get into the game though.

Bendtner: 8 Nick had a very good game.  His incisive run to the near post proved to be the match-winning goal.  He also recorded an assist on a beautifully weighted ball which led to Eboue’s equalizer.  Nick showed that he is the legitimate third option at striker as he provided the linkup play that van Persie usually does and yet still provided an aerial threat.

Adebayor: 7 Really ought to have hit that shot but was unlucky to hit the woodwork.  Other than that, Ade had a fine game.  He ran at defenders all day long, stayed for the most part onside and put in the quality cross for Denilson to kill the game.


Djourou: 6.5 Filled in well enough on the right side but doesn’t offer the attacking dimension that Sagna or Clichy do.  He obviously is better in the middle but did about as well as could have been asked of him in filling in for the injured Clichy.

Walcott: 8 Instant impact.  The kid is playing out of his mind right now.  His darting run through midfield is quick becoming a trademark move.  From now on, when someone else does it people will say “he did a Theo”. That run inspired one of the finest goals I can remember seeing in a while.  He caused all sorts of trouble for the Bolton defense and nearly notched a goal himself all while only playing for the last few minutes.  Theo is proving with every minute on the pitch why he deserves to be Arsenal’s starting right winger.

Ramsey: 7 Didn’t play much but in the minutes he got Aaron looked very comfortable on the ball.  He showed some nice skill on the ball as well as a fine touch in his passing.  Ramsey is certainly an exciting young prospect and I look forward to see more of him on Tuesday in the Carling Cup.

Man Of The Match: Out of the ashes of Flamini has risen the young Brazilian, Denilson.  Many questioned whether he would be able to fill the void, and, after a few sub-par games earlier in the season, the young man has really turned it on.  He has been given his chance and, so far, has taken it it well.  He has looked much better defensively and has added an offensive element that Flamini only ever showed brief glimpses of.  His game this week was absolutely fantastic.  Suffice it to say it is going to be very hard for Diaby to work his way back into the starting XI.