About Arsenal Station

Arsenal Station is an Arsenal blog from a distinctly American perspective. Primarily written by ArsenalStation but also by three guest contributors, all Americans, and when taken together I believe we give a very good accounting of the American Arsenal supporter.

Arsenal Station was started by a long-time American Arsenal supporter, originally from Kearny, N.J., who fell in love with the club back in the mid-late 1990s. I first saw Dennis Bergkamp, the greatest footballer that ever lived, at the 1994 World Cup and began following the Arsenal a few years later mostly due to the presence of Bergkamp at first. I also used to be a moderator/vice-chairman at The Gooner Forum, in its heyday, where my username was natsteel. I hope to match Arsenal’s intelligence on the pitch with a correspondingly intelligent commentary on the club.  While a lot of Arsenal blogs tend to post daily news items which are easily available on Arsenal newswires like ArsenalNewsNow and GoonerNews or on any football news site, and without any real insight, Arsenal Station will stick mostly to commentary pieces (including match reflections, opinion pieces, and features). Another part of our mission is to help as many supporters of the club see Arsenal as possible through live streams and highlights posts. [For a full introduction to, and instructions for, utilizing the internet to watch live streams of the Arsenal, see the “Streams” tab above]. This is due to the struggle it was for an American to follow and support the Arsenal in the late-90s and early 2000s when Premier League football was not regularly televised and never for free in the United States. Back then, it took a lot of effort and dedication to follow the club, including two-hour drives to NYC just to have to pay $15 to watch them at Nevada Smith’s.

Arsenal Station is not a daily blog during the season, but is published approximately three to four times per week (possibly less during international breaks and such).  We encourage all readers to comment on the articles with their own views and to use the links on the sidebar, if they haven’t done so already, to join the ever-growing global community of hardcore Arsenal supporters.

SITE UPDATE (29 August 2009): Arsenal Station would like to let everyone know how grateful we are to CarlGooner4 from The Gooner Forum for our long-overdue new banner.

SITE UPDATE (30 August 2009): Due to real-life commitments, Arsenal Station is willing to put together a small group of people who would like to write occasional pieces for Arsenal Station. If you can write intelligently while letting your love for the Arsenal come through, send me a short 3 paragraph writing sample on any Arsenal-related topic to the blog email address below and I will get back to you.

Please feel free to contact Arsenal Station at arsenalstation (at) hotmail.co.uk.  All comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Up The Arsenal!


21 Responses

  1. Top blog, link added. 🙂

  2. It is an honor to be linked with Gooner Talk.

  3. Added Your link too guys 🙂

  4. Same goes for you, Jamie. You’re doing a great job with Young Guns but you don’t need me to tell you that.

  5. Evenin’, just wondered if you’d add my link to your blogroll? I’ve added yours already so if you’d do the same, it’d be much appreciated.

    Regards, Ell.

  6. I love your site!

  7. An absolutely HUGE thanks to CarlGooner4 from The Gooner Forum for the new banner.

  8. Good luck with the site lads.

  9. Thanks, AA… it is much appreciated.

  10. Hi there, i’ve just added your link to my Arsenal Links page mate. (http://justarsenal.com/links)
    Keep it up

  11. Top blog. My first read, bookmarked it and will be back soon. Keep going!

  12. Nat, blog bookmarked. Really enjoy reading it. Thanks for the effort!

  13. you should shurly hire Thierry Henry after you typ (thiery henry Sick Goals) into youtube and whach the full video shurly you should then have some intrest

  14. i mean buy or loan

  15. wanna to have Arsenals info day to day

  16. Arsenal Station is not a source for Arsenal daily news but opinion on the club. For day-to-day info on the club check the official website at:


    or check:


  17. What is the URL of the mobile version of this site. I need to access that on my mobile phone.

  18. bandtner is the best pleyer of the primership in these year

  19. 2010-2011 arsenal champions 😀 😀

  20. Hi, nice to meet you !

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