Arsenal Station has taken on a few very talented and knowledgeable guest contributors in an attempt to offset and distribute the workload involved in a blog like this, and I would like to introduce them to you:

Ted Harwood – Ted lives in Chicago, Illinois and has been an Arsenal supporter for around 10 years. He also has his own blog, Running Downhill, where he comments on football, music, and other cultural artifacts. Ted has written a very well-received piece on Thomas Vermaelen as well as a very detailed preview of our Champions League Group Stage opponents.

Brett Chase (Comrade23) – Brett is another fellow NYC-based Arsenal supporter. Like me and Ted, he has also supported the club for a decade. He is also the co-founder, along with Kurtis Powers, of the New York City Arsenal Supporters’ Club and a regular contributor to The Modern Republic, a blog which comments on football, indie rock, and fashion. Brett’s first contribution, “One Set of Rules For Us, One for Everyone Else,” was one of the most popular posts Arsenal Station has had and received a great comment from Goonerholic.

The author box on the bottom of the left sidebar lets you see the three most recent articles by each of Arsenal Station’s guest contributors and I strongly urge you to go back and check out their past articles. We look forward to more insightful posts from Brett, Ted, and Bendy in the future. Of course, we encourage readers to comment on our articles and you will find that the authors regularly respond to comments made on their posts, so if you agree or disagree, let us, and the specific author, know.  It’s all about interaction.

Arsenal Station is very lucky and grateful to have assembled such great writers to contribute to the cause of representing the American Arsenal supporter here on Arsenal Station.

Note: Arsenal Station is still willing to take on one more American Arsenal supporter/contributor. We have very high literary standards here and our mission is to represent the passion and commitment of the American Arsenal Supporter to the rest of the world. So, if you’d like to join the Arsenal Station team and you’re writing is up to the level of the regular contributors to Arsenal Station, send me a sample of a few paragraphs on any Arsenal-related topic to: arsenalstation (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk.

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  1. Greetings to you guys Stateside. My name is James Terry and I am just about to officially launch a new site called http://www.greatestarsenalplayer.com. It’s an incredibly addictive game and you decide who is the best player and XI Arsenal have ever had in the Premiership. It part of our Greatest Player Ever network we have launched for every team that has ever played in the Prem.

    Would you link to exchange links or perhaps we could give you some free ad space if you were to do a piece/post on the site. It would be great to hear your feedback on the site so we can make it as enjoyable as possible.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    James Terry

  2. Hi guys, Thanks for the world cup calendar. Note that on 21 June, the time for one of the games is wrong. Hope you amend it. Thanks Long

  3. vcc

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