Check here for regularly-updated and confirmed U.S. television listings for every Arsenal match (all times are EST). These matches are, as of 6 August, confirmed. Remaining matches will be filled in as the information becomes available as much of the division of the Saturday matches have not been split between FSC and ESPN yet.


September 11 – Arsenal v Bolton 10am (TBA)

September 18 – Sunderland v Arsenal 12:30pm (FSC)


October 3 – Chelsea v Arsenal 11am (FSC)

October 24 – Manchester City v Arsenal 11am (FSC)


November 7 – Arsenal v Newcastle United 8:30am (FSC)

November 14 – Everton v Arsenal 9am (FS+)

November 21 – Arsenal v Tottenham 8:30am (FS+)

November 27 – Aston Villa v Arsenal 7:45am (ESPN2 and ESPN2 HD)

Channel Legend: Fox Soccer Channel (FSC), Fox Soccer Plus (FS+), Fox Sports en Espanol (FSE), Local Fox Sports Network (FSN), ESPN2, To Be Announced (TBA).

7 Responses

  1. does anyone know if the arsenal vs. aston villa match on january 27th, is gonna be able to be watched? TV or online? If so, then where? I really want to see this match!

  2. At the moment it is not being broadcast in the US. If you check back here on the day, I will post a stream link.

  3. Solid. I would like to watch it live for sure. If not i heard that Setanta is showing the replay at 5:00 p.m.

  4. thank you for this interesting information I will post a link on my blog so my readers can benefit from it also.

  5. where can we watch the Arsenal v Spurs game on the 20th November in Manhatton

  6. You can see EVERY Arsenal match with the NYC Arsenal Supporters at our home pub:

    The Blind Pig
    233 E 14th St (b/w 2nd & 3rd Aves.) ·
    New York, NY
    (212) 209-1573

  7. The NY pub The BlindPig, has a program where you can watch every Arsenal game,, is there a pub in LA CA. where I can watch All Arsenal games on tv or on line, or what is the tv chanel to subscrive to, or link to internett,

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