Backroom Advance Deals for Cesc?

Cesc Fabregas

It never fails. Every interlull brings the inevitable ‘Cesc-to-Spain’ stories. Cesc to Barcelona, Cesc to Madrid, Cesc to Malaga, etc… Now, apparently, following their loss to Sevilla, Madrid once again are making noise. Arsenal have reportedly received bids of up to £60m for Fabregas over the last two seasons and each time the player and the club rejected them.

The club is in a strong financial position which means that we will in no way be forced to sell Fabregas just because high sums of money are dangled in front of us. We could have already done that. This gives us far more leverage in rebuffing these ridiculous advances from Madrid and Barcelona but also should give us supporters a little peace of mind. Cesc is in a team built around him that continues to get better and is playing for the greatest manager in the world in a fantastic new stadium that was practically built for him and his team.

Following his display this past weekend, no one should doubt Cesc’s current commitment to the club. Of course, we all know he’ll leave eventually, and we will all wish him the best of luck when he does. But, in the meantime, this ridiculous tapping-up of the player is shady and disrupting. How many times does Fabregas have to put a statement on the official site about how he is not leaving? How many times do we have to read quotes from Barcelona players about Cesc’s DNA? Or how much they want Cesc to come back?

Cesc and the badgeIf FIFA or UEFA had any balls at all, they would stand up to the Spanish clubs when it comes to this constant media campaign intended to tap-up and unsettle players. Because it’s not only Fabregas. The same is happening in Munich with Ribery and has been going on for years. Yet, the ruling organizations ill-will towards English clubs sees them take no action.

Perhaps it’s because Blatter and Platini are too busy devising ways to further hamstring English clubs whether it is increased restrictions on recruiting players or financial solvency rules which will not effect the Spanish clubs in the same way as the English clubs.

But now, either Madrid or the Spanish papers, or likely both, are so desperate to fill the 50+ daily pages devoted to Madrid and Barcelona that we have gotten another ridiculous rumor of an advance deal. We all know that Wenger would never cut a deal like this, he told us so. Yet, I’m just recounting this new one because of its sheer ridiculousness.

The Daily Mail writes: “Meanwhile, AS also reports that Sandro Rosell, who hopes to become the club’s next president, personally secured a ‘first option’ agreement for Fabregas when David Dein was vice-chairman of the Gunners in 2003.”

Precious. The stuff that comes from these Spanish club elections, at times, just blows my mind. “Personally secured a first option agreement?” AreCesc kisses badge you serious? Would Arsene Wenger, or even David Dein for that matter, offer a “first option agreement” for a player? Wenger said he would never make such an agreement. And would they do it just after they have bought the player?

It makes no sense… but it doesn’t have to. It’s the Spanish media covering the greatest young Spanish player who got away, the two biggest Spanish clubs, and a Spanish club election. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed that this is the best Sandro Rosell can come up with so far in his bid for the presidency at Barcelona. Perhaps as the election draws nearer we will get this:

Sandro Rosell, in his bid for the Barca presidency, has revealed that he has secured a ‘first-option agreement’ with God to sign Jesus Christ upon his return to Earth to play center-back for Barcelona. Rosell will be hoping Jesus decides to return before the election is held next year.